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Hi!Welcome to the YMCA!Sorry I havent updated anything for awhile
but ive been VERY busy.Now,it will be even better then before because
we FINALLY got some GREAT teachers for dance,gymnastics and swimming!
You can go sign up for the classes as soon as they are done preparing
it!So come back soon.If this is your first time here,please look
around and sign up for the YMCA.We offer classes,ChildCare,Sports,
a Cafitiria,Parties and more.OK,Ill stop talking but please join
and we welcome to to the YMCA.

Oh,One more thing!We need a new member badge!If you can make kewl
graphics and is interested e-mail me!

Places Around The YMCA

Join The YMCA: Become a YMCA Member!
Classes at the YMCA: Let your Mouses and other pets take some fun classes here!
The Cafatiria: Tierd After A Long Day?Come Eat At Our Caf!
YMCA Child Care: Drop Off Your Child Here With Nora!
The Members of the YMCA: Are YOU on the list?
The Gymnasium: Sports,meetings,etc

The YMCA Has Been Visited Times!