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Welcome to my new Cyber Pet Adoption Agency.Here you can adopt cute
and lovable bears to put on your homepage.I just found them one day
walking around my page.I asked them what's wrong?They said Im lost
and I need a new home.I told them id help them find a new home.That's
where you come in.Please adopt a lovable bear.Ive already named them
but if you want you can rename them yourself.To put them on your page,
click on the one you want with the right button on your mouse.Save
and download on to your computer and put them onto your page next time
you update it.Please put them on your page 1 week after you adopt one
or it will get board and cold.Please E-Mail me at the address below
telling me which bear you took and your homepage URL so I can look
at them on your homepage.Please tell them you adopted it from MY home-
page and put my homepge URL.That's all I have to say!Have Fun!
P.S. There will soon be food you can feed your bear.Come back soon!!

 E-Mail Address:
Homepage URL:


Bear #1:Smucker

Bear #2:Pooky

Bear #3:Tuque

Bear #4:Goofy

Bear #5:Gruff

There will be more bears to adopt soon.Come back soon!Please adopt
because these bears need a new home!

Did You Know That People Have Come To This Page Wanting Pets!