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Adopt A Frog

One day,while I was editing my homepage I spotted little green
spots jumping all over my computer screen.What is that I asked my
self?Finally,after about 10 min the green dots stopped jumping.Then
I relized what they where.Frogs.What are you doing here?I asked 
them.One frog replied:"for a long time now,we have been looking for
a nice,cozy home!. "No one wants us" another one said.I thought
for a minute then told them I would try my best to find them nice
homepages to live on. Now,I want to keep my promise to the frogs
to PLEASE adopt one of my darling frogs.They wont be ANY trouble
at all.To adopt one,just click on the frog of your choice with the 
right button on your mouse.Then,save it and upload it onto your
homepage.Here are the rules:
1.You must have a homepage (safe for ALL ages)
2.You must put a link to my page saying where ya got your frog
3.You must take care of it
4.You MUST e-mail me and tell me which frog you adopted,yoyr
homepage URL and the name of your frog.

E-Mail me
THE FROGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 COMING SOON.....FROGGY ACCESORIES I need someone to make a logo and/or birth certificates for the frogs. If interested,e-mail me at the e-mail address above! TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!