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A Keypals is a friend which you communicate by E-Mail.In other words
it's just like a penpal-but you e-mail instead.This page will soon
be FULL of people ALL over the world you can write to.You can also
add your name to the list by filling the simple form below:



E-Mail Address:




Anything Else


KEYPALS: Name:Samara Age:12 E-Mail
Gender:Female Country:Canada Interestes:Dancing,Reading,Writing,Internet,Shopping,Animals,etc Anything Else?:I want a girl or boy penpal aged 11-13 Name:Celia Age:12 E-Mail
Gender:Female Country:USA Interestes:Piano,Softball,TV,Reading,Shopping,Listing to music,Talking on the phone,hanging out with friends and more! Anything Else?:I want a Male or Female Keypal of ANY age! Name:Kelly Age:11 E-Mail
Gender:Female Country:USA Interestes:Reading,Sewing,Writing Name:MissyGirl (Ruoyu) Age:13 E-Mail
Gender:Female Country:Texas,USA Interestes:Reading Magazines,Writing Stories,MTV and Chatting

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