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This is a big list of other places you can go on the net.Some are
funny,some are serious some are just wierd.Please bookmark MY
homepage though!You may also submit a site or your homepage.Just E-Mail
me at the address below!

The List

GALS: I was the Prez of this club-GIRLS ONLY!
Tripod: Get Your Own FREE Homepage
The Icon Bazaar: Get Icons and Little Graphics For Your Homepage!
Kidscom: Chat,Find Penpals,Play Games,Etc
WBS Chat: Over 100 chat rooms to choose from!My Fave Chat Place!
Freezone: Sorta Like Kidscom,chat,find keypals,homework help,etc
The Gap: This Awesome Stores Homepage.Make your own outfits!
Hotmail: Get Your Own FREE E-Mail Address!
YaZone: A Place For Kids Aged 12-18.Chat,keypals,stories,etc
The 4_kids Homepage: Adopt pets for your homepage,play games,read stories,etc.LOTS TO DO!
Chantessy's Page Of Fun: An AMAZING homepage made by a 11 year old girl.MUST SEE!

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