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Welcome to my sanrio page.If you DO NOT know what
the heck sanrio is,visit it's homepage at:Sanrio's Homepage
Anyways,if you DO know what Sanrio is,stay right here! On this page I will put graphics of ALL the characters I know of, info on them and more.It's not much yet but come back soon and it will have alot more.OK,Ill stop talking.Here are the Sanrio Characters! NOTE: Did you hear?There is a NEW Sanrio Character. His name is Purin.I will put his graphic here when I get it! NO GRAPHICS YET,BUT HERE IS A LIST OF CHARACTERS: Hello Kitty Keroppi * Spottie Dottie Pekkle * Pochacco Pippo Winki Pinki Picke Bicke Tabo Bastz Maru Purin * means it's my personal favorite character (s)

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