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Talia's Diary

This is Talia's Diary.She is letting you take a look.She will be writing
in her diary once a week so come back soon.

October 13th,1997

  Dear Diary

Today I went to the waterpark with Winnie.It was fun and we even
got FREE bathing suits.It's Winnie's birthday in 5 days and I have to
get him a preasant.I might get him a dog or I will get him toys or
something.I can't wait till my birthday.Mom redid our kitchen today.I
like it.She said were going to walk to the bakery and buy a cake for
Winnie and some pie.Winnie finally signed up for a scout group and
a soccer team.Im still waiting for a reply from the dance studio and the
cheerleading group.Mom sais were getting a babysitter for Ariela
during the day while me and Winnie are at school.I think her name
might be Sarah.Mom also sais that we might adopt another mouse-
one with a disabilty.Gotta go Shopping.ByE!



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