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Here is a Full list of all the YMCA members!Want to be on this list
and join in the fun?JOIN!

Since the YMCA just opened,we do not have alot of members!

Name of Mice:Chedder,Lila,Mark
Programs Were In:Our Mommy Owns The YMCA so i guess all of them! Name:Angela Name of Mice:Gus Gus and Max E-Mail
Programs Were In:Swimming Lessons Name:Erin (I teach Gymnastics here) Name of Mice:Lily,Angel,Deanna E-Mail
Programs Were In:Dont Know Yet Name:Mackenzie Name Of Mice:Sierra,Summer,Josh,Jordan,Zach E-Mail
Programs Were In:Dont Know Yet Name:Cynthia Name Of Mice:Alex,Melody,Eric E-Mail
Programs:Child Care,Dont Know Name:? Name of Mice:Clea E-Mail
Programs:Swimming Lessons Name:Amanda Name of Mice:Clarke,Isaac,Jordan,Taylor,Zach,Mac,Jessica,Avie E-Mail
Programs:Child Care,Dont Know Name:Hannah Name of Mice:Daisy,Milly E-Mail
Programs:Dont Know Name:Lara Name of Mice:Jr.,Daniela,kate,baily,Claudia,Mikey,Cindy,Nik,Jhonny,Tyra Elizabeth,Jessica E-mail
Programs:Child Care,Dont Know Name:Alyssa Name Of Mice:Ashly E-mail
Programs:Dont Know