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This Grrrreat Page Has Been Visited Times!


Hi!Welcome to my Cyber Pet Zoo!This is where ill keep all the Cyber
Pet's Ive Adopted around the Internet.Ill soon make it more organized
and more interesting.Have Fun!This is my net nerd Harty.

This is my Worm,Squirt!

I Got Him Here:< href="">

This is My Rock,Hugz!She likes to hug and kiss!

This Is My Angel Bear.Her Name Is Peace!

Meet My Smiley Named Green Bean

This Is My Watchamacallit!

And My Adopted Sun,Winkness!

Here is my pet fish.Her name is Mellow

Meet My Starfish-Silly Milly

How Cute!It's My New Puppy,Max!

Shhh!Hear my Humming Bird Hum!

Here is Her House

This Is My Baby Bunny,Hopper!

This is My Butterfy named Dot Adopted From My Friend Chantessy's Page!

This Is Lizzie,My Faerie who I just adopted Today!She is happy she has
a brand new home!

This is My Baby Bear Named Lovley.

Meet My Lolipop,Yummy!

This is My Woobie.His Name is Clover.He is a VERY loving and caring pet!

This is My Pink Baloon.Her Name is Posh!

Meet My Rainbow.Her name is Burst!

Meet My Bagel,Clara!

There is a Bear Adoption Agency On Samara's Awesome Homepage.Just go
back to the index page and Click on Adopt A Cyber Bear!I would VERY
much appreciate it!